They were launches its new poster campaign " Family is sacred »By putting families at the center, accompanied by slightly special slogans, in particular "As my two mothers say, family, it's sacred" ou "As my dad, my mom and my dad's third wife say: family is sacred".



Although this campaign created a buzz and was approved by a large number of feminist associations. This is far from being to the liking of the conservatives who are scandalized at the sight of these posters, especially the one showing a gay couple.

According to minutebuzz, the blog info reportedly said: “ Ignoble! What Eram wants for the family… ”  and add "We will rarely have seen degenerate, anti-family and mixed-race propaganda so crude, so enormous".

The debate continues on the facebook page of the Eram brand. Some argue the brand for shattering stereotypes about family these days, and others find it hard to relate to shoes!



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