Little Moons, a London-based mochis brand, offers innovative, tasty and environmentally friendly products. Vivien and Howard Wong, the creators, are brother and sister, they grew up in their parents' bakery in London and developed a taste for making delicacies. TADAMMMM! In 2010 Little Moons takes shape!


Little Moons Frozen Mochis are made with a soft rice paste and ice cream. You will easily recognize them because they are colorful and ultra-appetizing! Manufactured in North West London, they use renewable sources and the food waste produced is transformed into biotmethane for reuse.


This commitment to the environment places the mochis brand in the spotlight with qualitative, aesthetic and responsible products. The brand even invites consumers to participate in recycling with the rule of 3 R! Remove, rinse, recycle!



Because yes, 96% of the packaging is recyclable. That's not all ! The packaging used to transport the frozen mochis to the stores is made from FSC certified cardboard (from sustainable forest management). Particular care to offer perfect products ...


“Extraordinary ice cream begins with the highest quality ingredients, the sourcing of which has elicited special care” Little Moons.


In this logic of total commitment, Little Moons would like to make its packaging 100% recyclable or compostable ... Actions are already underway to offer interesting solutions in 2022.


We don't know you, but it makes our mouths water!

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