Throughout the month of January 2012, a collection of household linen will be planned by Emmaus with the participation and support of BHV on the occasion of the traditional “White” operation.



In the communication media here is what the City Hall Bazaar says: » Bring the laundry you no longer need to the " service takes "From a BHV store, it will be weighed and stored before being collected by Emmaüs"

In addition, in exchange for their donation, donors will receive a reduction voucher of 5 euros per kilo of linen donated. A few weeks earlier, still in association with Emmaüs, the brand Monoprix had planned a collection of men's clothing.

To make a donation is to be both supportive and ecological. In fact, nearly 500 tonnes of textiles are recycled annually and nothing is thrown away!

Before being sold in one of the five shops of Emmaus, the clothes are collected at the donors' homes or placed in one of the structures ofEmmaus Alternatives then they are sorted, washed and ironed.

Thus, the association gives a second breath to textiles, however these donations must be in good condition so that the association can quickly find a new owner for them!



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