Easy Partner is a recruitment firm specializing in Tech profiles, in the fields of Web, data, cloud, engineering and all the trades that revolve around it, that is to say product manager, sales and marketing. They agreed to answer our questions to enlighten us on the various services of a firm with great ambitions…!

Some information about Easy Partner:

Easy Partner is a firm with several service offers:

- Recruitment: placement of permanent candidates.

- Provision of services / freelance: we are not an ESN, we link talents with companies and facilitate administrative procedures (contracts, etc.). The contract is established between the customer and the supplier.

- RPO: an Easy Partner recruiter goes on a mission of one to several months in a company to manage the recruitment process or part of it.

Based on your analyzes, could you take stock of the current labor market?

The labor market has returned to a level almost equivalent to that before the crisis (-3% of the volume of job vacancies between 1.02.20 and 7.05.21).

While 88% of companies have started a recruitment process based on tech profiles between March 2020 and March 2021, the profiles of tech managers, salespeople and digital marketing are also extremely sought after.

Product and project management profiles still represent 33% of recruitment intentions in 2021.

Even if we are not witnessing a shortage of disfunctional profiles, the difficulty of recruiting is still there, in particular due to the specific nature of the demands of companies: they will seek a very specific profile, with distinct technical and human skills. .

What impacts has the COVID-19 health crisis had on the labor market?

The health crisis has generated a pause in recruitments. The companies preferred to wait and see how the situation would evolve. This caused a significant wave of recruitment at the end of 2020 - beginning of 2021: the projects put on standby were relaunched, new projects were put in place… Project managers and product managers were therefore more than called upon.

The digitization of processes and the importance of having a presence on the web has also had a positive consequence for all digital professions, especially in marketing.

Finally, salespeople continue to be sought-after profiles in order to make businesses sustainable, whether in B2B / B2C, for goods or services.

What is a “good” recruiter? How is Easy Partner a good recruiter?

At Easy Partner, we believe that a good recruiter is someone who above all knows how to listen. We spend time with our clients and candidates to make sure what they want meets their needs.

Too often there is a dichotomy between what businesses are looking for and what they really need. Our role is to find out why there is a gap, by understanding their technical team, the project they want to develop, the mentality and the philosophy of the company.

Likewise, it is important to understand the candidate and validate him before sending him for an interview: does he technically meet the search criteria? Does the human match seem plausible? Does the company's project correspond to what he is looking for?

The idea is to save time for our clients and candidates / freelancers. Our prior knowledge and understanding allow us to send a very small number of CVs for an almost certain match.

Thus, a good recruiter is both a listener and someone who will advise.

Currently, do you have positive feedback on your service?

Easy Partner has been in existence for almost 10 years and has been successful, crowned by the loyalty of our clients and freelancers, as well as by the number of people we have been able to place. For some of these candidates, we have participated in a real life change and we are very proud of this mission!

The functional BU has been official since February 2021. Since its creation, we have placed 15 profiles and have a growing demand from companies.

What are the research sectors?

Our historical clients are software publishers and other tech companies. A panel that is expanding with this new activity and with the digitalization of the economy. Today we work with companies in the new technologies sector as well as with companies providing services, whether in consumer goods, leisure or transport.

While historically a large part of our clients were in the Paris region, this is less and less true. We have always worked with all the French economic poles and this is a growing trend.

Do you see your project as an innovative project? If yes, why ?

Our project is not innovative: we are a recruitment firm, we offer a service that already exists with some of our competitors, namely discovering functional talents.

What sets us apart is clearly our tech expertise, which allows us to understand how the functional team will interact with the technical team, the knowledge that future employees must have.

We have a very good knowledge of the market and evolve with it, hence the development of our services. And a real expertise of head shoemaker which goes from the understanding of the need, to the advice, to the hunt for the adequate profile, until the accompaniment of this one in the first weeks of its integration in the company.

We are challengers, we always have been, and that doesn't bother us, because it allows us to always listen to the market, eager to learn and to improve.

Do you have any prospects for the future?

Product / project, sales and marketing talents continue to be highly sought after profiles. Our ambition is to make ourselves known and recognized for this new recruitment expertise. We also want to offer our new service offer, the RPO, to better serve our customers and participate in many human and professional meetings.

Our development prospects are great, and you haven't finished hearing about Easy Partner!

Congratulations to this team of challenger who invest every day to change our lives by creating THE meeting.

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