EasyJet is setting the bar very high. We can say that in terms of communication, they are already far away.

Communication is the essential tool for the proper functioning of your business. It is also the best solution to promote a product or a service, with specific techniques. Communication is often equated with marketing. If indeed, a marketer does not have the same missions as a communications manager, the two professions are complementary.

What we see through this new Easy Jet advertising campaign is that the communication agency that works for them has done a good job, thank you Buzzman. If you are used to walking along the reflecting pool in Bordeaux, you will understand why!

Last October, following the opening of a base in Bordeaux, the company installed an orange tarp with a reverse reading direction on one of the buildings on the Place de la Bourse. The goal? Create a mirror effect on the water so that passers-by can read “Bordelais, the sky is at your feet”. Ingenious, right? This campaign was also rewarded with the 45th Grand Prix for Outdoor Communication in February, and it is well deserved!



EasyJet doesn't stop there. The company is joining forces with LightAir, a Lyon-based company specializing in large-format signage and communication, and Bilum, a pioneer in France in the transformation of giant advertising tarpaulins. What does it give? The recycling of 100 m2 of the tarpaulin used on the Place de la Bourse, to create a series of computer covers, bags, tote bags (...)

Combine communication with ecology? It is a challenge that the company has taken on hands down.

Now it's your turn to take to the track… EasyJet is offering a contest on social networks to win the famous recycled products! 

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