Imagine. You are hungry. You order this tasty-looking pizza through your smartphone. The order is validated. More than a few minutes before you feast. The doorbell rings. Happiness is at hand. You open the box and there… it's the drama… The pizza looks like nothing! If you are a pizza lover, and a Domino's customer, you have surely already experienced this absolutely dramatic situation. Aware of this real scourge, Domino's Pizza engages and enters war against potholes, often responsible for these disappointments, and launches an offbeat campaign by expanding its field of activity to public works. It's a little crazy, but it's funny!

Domino's pizzas are plagued by a plague!

Domino's international franchised fast food brand has been the victim of a bad buzz on social networks in recent years. Customers tended to share on social networks (especially Instagram) their disappointments during delivery, thus sharing a negative image of the brand.

Faced with this observation, and in order to prove the attention paid to the satisfaction of its customers, the brand decides to act from the end of 2017 through a surprising communication operation, launched in December: the implementation insurance for damaged pizzas. A few months later, to go even further in their fight against the hostile environment for the delivery of their specialties, Domino's went even further and directly tackled the heart of the problem: potholes! It is in collaboration with the American agency Crispin Porter + Boguky that fast food has decided to integrate the least expected field of activity: that of public works.

Domino's and its “Paving for pizzas” operation

As part of its “Paving for pizzas” campaign, Domino's has set up a dedicated WEB site. The goal? Collect testimonials and photos from customers who were victims of these disasters and invited to report the location of potholes so that they can be repaired. A nice way to involve your own clients in a cause that is admittedly a little absurd, but no less useful.

For this operation, Domino's Pizza has equipped itself with construction vehicles in the brand's colors to enable it to fill in the holes and at the same time affix its logo to the fresh concrete. No more fears for pizza lovers, domino's pizzas are in good hands!

Domino's hits hard with this quirky and well-crafted campaign that invests pizza lovers and makes good use of the WEB, networks and street-marketing. A great way to get people talking! Too bad that the “Paving for pizzas” operation is only launched in the United States for the moment… it is because we would almost come to claim our own potholes! A little patience therefore, it should not be long in arriving in France!

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