It is impossible to miss videos of dogs or cats, whether on our Instagram feed, Tik Tok or directly on YouTube, sometimes funny, sometimes cute videos are everywhere and quickly go viral.  

sortlist looked into the question to understand if these videos were just social phenomena or if cats and dogs were also part of the brands' marketing strategies.  

They analyzed 500 ads and 400 Instagram posts from brands that used dogs or cats to communicate (on non-animal related products). It turns out that it may be the most effective marketing strategy of all time.  


The impact of dogs and cats on brand engagement and visibility in their community  


Sortlist compared the number of views of these ads with the average number of ads served on the same brand channel in order to see how the number of views for these ads were higher.  

The results obtained are final:   

  • There is an increase in 2700% more views for ads with cats, compared to the average of videos published by the same brands.  
  • For advertisements with dogs, this increase is 547,6% 
  • On average, a video with a cat counts 9000 views and a post with a dog 5000 views. 

On YouTube there are more than 2 million cat videos that have more than 25 billion views. It's no wonder that brands like Mercedes-Benz, Pizza Hut, Skittles, Netflix, Doritos, Kleenex, Longchamp and even LG have all surfed on this trend and saw their engagement explode after they released videos with these animals!  

Likes and comments: What about social networks?  


Sortlist looked at the issue of social networks, and more specifically Instagram. They therefore analyzed 400 Instagram posts published by brands and magazines unrelated to animals. Those posts show pictures of cats and / or dogs with captions and hashtags like “Good Monday”, “Mood of the day”.  

On Instagram, we find:  

  • 147 million searches for posts with dogs  
  • 124 million searches for posts with cats   
  • 23 million posts with the hashtags #dogs and #chats.  

By comparing the i like of the 400 posts analyzed with the average of the last 20 posts posted by brands, we see that Instagram posts with animals have 337,4% of i like more and 226,9% more comments.  


These figures are supported by studies nichefire which show that posts with cats or dogs see a 63% increase in engagement compared to a normal post.  


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