Divvy Media is a digital communication consulting agency specializing in web strategies and more particularly in "native advertising". It was created in February 2014 by two young graduates from the Audencia school in Nantes, who followed the Sciencescom course, Audencia School of Communication and Media.

Passionate about the future of digital and new digital tools, the two young people decided to launch their own activity in order to offer something new in the digital communication of advertisers.


Virginie and Pierre-Olivier - Nantes Digital Week
Virginie and Pierre-Olivier - Nantes Digital Week


Divvy Media's positioning is "native advertising”(Native advertising) which corresponds to non-intrusive digital advertising. The agency sets up special operations for advertisers, in partnership with web influencers, bloggers recognized and influential in their category.

The principle is to create unique content for the advertiser in any form whatsoever (competition, video, original campaign, etc.) and to distribute it via a selection of ambassadors directly linked to the brand's universe in order to reach a readership who has chosen the medium and potentially sensitive to the world of the advertiser.

The final objective is to reach the most precise and relevant target possible.

In one sentence, it could be summed up as "communicating in the right place, at the right time and to the right person"

Divvy Media also offers to support advertisers in the implementation of “social media” strategies through its community management skills.

By using and animating social networks, Divvy Media makes it possible to optimize the presence and impact on them in order to create communities of qualified consumers / fans for advertisers.

This desire to offer advertisers / Internet users non-intrusive and ultra-targeted advertising comes at a time when there are very many Internet advertisements and can obstruct Internet users' reading. Divvy Media wishes to offer them a different content more than a commercial message among others.

The agency is located in Rennes, at 16 Esplanade du Champ de Mars in the heart of the Champs Libres district, a dynamic and active hub in the digital field.

To get in touch with Divvy Media and discuss collaboration opportunities: or contact@divvy-media.com

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