Since its creation in 1958, the cult brand, " Dim », Has become a benchmark for women.




Dim has evolved over the years and with fashion while offering new products at affordable prices. It is the company Dim which invented seamless stockings, tights, cotton lingerie… It has become a flagship brand, the symbol of freedom and cheerfulness for all women. The cult music of Dim commercials has been remembered for fifty years. However, the visual identity of the brand has not changed much in recent years.

Despite a very good reputation (78% assisted awareness, 58% spontaneous awareness), the brand wants to target a younger clientele while keeping its founding values.

For this makeover, Dim called on the agency "Interbrand Which has managed to preserve its values ​​while giving a new freshness to its visual identity. Colors stay the sames that is to say white and black, which represent both the ultimate colors of tailoring and elegance.

Dim's objective: Increase proximity and modernity by freeing itself from its industrial heritage.

Now, the new label is a round shape, a little nod to feminine shapes and the black ribbon has disappeared. Interbrand added à the brand's label embossed in 3D with a hint of metallic gray to highlight the brand's innovation. The label is more modern, with the mention "Paris" which is also highlighted to enhance the brand.

The new visual identity will be put on all categories (lingerie, men's underwear, tights, etc.). Dim's label has already enabled the brand to gain in impact (from 13% to 32% proximity) and sympathy (from 54% to 63%) especially with younger customers!


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