With more than 10 years of experience in supporting VSEs / SMEs and ETIs throughout the country, Dici Conseil & Design trains several teams from large groups and institutions in global design management (Orange, Opticsvalley, EPPS, etc.). Today it will form poles of competitiveness in the design professions.

It all started in 2014, when the Collège de France des designers, coordinated by Alain Cadix and under the aegis of the General Directorate of Businesses, proposed an advisory note on a program to raise awareness of competitiveness clusters on the contributions of design. Bercy then releases a budgetary envelope in order to support around ten poles in the implementation of this action. The objective is to allow the economic fabric to understand the design professions and the interest of integrating a designer in the steps of creation, differentiation or diversification of companies (especially VSEs and SMEs) in order to '' improve their economic performance.

Thus, within the framework of the Xylofutur wood sector, Dici Conseil & Design will be in charge of leading conferences and awareness-raising workshops, but also of creativity and "popularization" of the design approach among members of the cluster and its staff. governance. The role of the design manager also goes to meet the members of the cluster by directly visiting companies and their industrial tools in order to understand all the trades in the sector. With Xylofutur, in collaboration with DIRECTE, FIBA ​​and ADI, more than 20 companies will be visited and integrated into the process. The goal is simple: co-create innovation scenarios making it possible to choose the projects to be “designed”. On this occasion, companies discover that together they can find lasting innovation solutions.

For Silvervalley, Dici Conseil & Design, which will also host design awareness conferences, is working with Talking things on the implementation part. Several creativity workshops in the sector are planned with the involvement of large companies such as AG2R La Mondiale or even SNCF. As for the Xylofutur residence, the objective is to offer the teams of the pole the means to understand design in a global way while supporting several companies in the realization of design projects of products or services.

The story does not end there, since the DGE has just validated the launch of new design residences with the poles in 2016. Design and designers still have a bright future ahead of them!


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