No offense to the most creative of advertisers, some subjects are still more difficult to promote than others. And when it comes to talking about our most basic needs, many kick in and beat around the bush… But not HAMMOCK! To communicate about its product, the washable diaper brand relies on humor and offers us a heady song ... far from yucky!

A triviality assumed thanks to a good dose of humor

A catchy tune, unequivocal onomatopoeias and crude words, "La chanson du poo" from the cloth diaper brand HAMAC uses and abuses idiomatic expressions and gets into the heart of the matter from the first seconds. While certain themes of everyday life remain taboo in advertising (Remember that the first video for sanitary napkins - by Nana - which dares to show blood, dates from March 5, 2018!), HAMAC turns a subject of ordinary little ragoutant in derision and makes us laugh thanks to an astonishing video, where the figurative meaning is honored, both in the visuals and in the words.

The song as a vehicle for memorization

The strength of this video of less than two minutes, beyond an assumed humor, lies in the original song and the catchy tune which serve as its base. Indeed, as we know, music is of utmost importance in advertising. Not only because it appeals directly to our emotions, but also because it allows us to give textual information in a hidden way. Musicality brings an interesting para-visual dimension that clearly serves the message. We will particularly appreciate the sound effects, which are here used wisely by reinforcing the call to a concrete reality. And thanks to catchy music, HAMAC provokes the receptivity of Internet users and multiplies the effect of memorization.

The idea, like the production of this video, stands out in the advertising landscape of a sector that is struggling to innovate. HAMAC is signing here a daring campaign that does good (no pun intended). At the same time offbeat, fresh and joyful, advertising reaches its target directly thanks to a clear and assumed message… and perhaps a little also thanks to this improbable song which muddies - sorry - which trots easily in the head!

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