At a time when connected objects are more and more present and sophisticated, here is a very simple and successful one.

Now more than 150 brands




Released last September by Amazon, the Dash Button is now seeing its sales explode. So what exactly is this connected button? It is in fact a very small box on which appears a brand and a single button, the latter will allow you to instantly order a product with a simple press. So if you realize that you are running out of razor or laundry, all you have to do is press the switches controlling the products. Easy to use and practical since it can be hung anywhere and the delivery arrives in 48 hours. This is what explains its take-off today.

In fact, Dash Button sales have literally increased by 70%, and that only over the last 3 months. But then how can this be explained? It was clear that the brands that had this little miracle button saw their customers use it quite regularly and sometimes even observed the frequency of purchase doubling. Companies have realized the potential of this very basic yet very well thought out technology. Consequently, a large number of brands, generally of consumables with a high frequency of purchase, have decided to take the plunge. Today more than 150 brands have their Dash Button. We let you imagine the huge choice of products available at the push of a thumb.

This way of ordering so quickly completely revolutionizes the way we buy. Routine purchases sometimes tend to become impulse purchases so easy to obtain them has become. You've probably wondered: What happens if someone flips the switch without my knowledge? You receive a notification on your mobile which allows you to cancel the order. Fortunately, when you know that any child could use it.

However, if you can already see yourself getting these Dash Buttons, know that each switch costs between $ 1 and $ 5, but remember above all that this service is only available to "Amazon Premium" subscribers and only across the Atlantic. Amazon France has yet to share any information regarding the arrival of the Dash Button service in France.

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