Daddy sugar ecology packaging

Daddy further expands its range of paper Profil Packs Kraft ! The sugar brand is moving forward and trying to end the reign of plastic. For this, it has continued to multiply initiatives for several years.

A well thought out and environmentally friendly process

The use of Kraft paper allows a 70% reduction in plastic content compared to other Profil Packs. It is therefore a real step forward. Moreover, apart from the material, nothing changes. The packaging remains waterproof, conservative, solid and ergonomic. Only its weight decreases.

While this packaging was reserved for organic sugar, Daddy has just marketed it also for its standard sugar. Thus expanding the range of its recyclable products.

It should also be noted that kraft paper is not not bleached, which nevertheless represents an important indicator. For sugar, consumers are used to this color. Daddy therefore takes a real risk on his visibility and his aesthetics to be more responsible.

Daddy: a committed brand

Before this new packaging, the brand was already betting on ecology. The marketing 12 years ago of Profile Pack was a first alternative to traditional rigid packaging. Even for the range which remains plastic, this container significantly reduces the need for plastic.

Then, 10 years ago, Daddy commits to the quality of its products with its sucre bio. Likewise, the brand chooses to turn 100% to French agriculture. Both ecological and qualitative commitments.

Daddy has also just launched the range Crystal Stevia with 100% natural ingredients, no coloring and no added flavoring. Again, the entire packaging is in Kraft paper.

The company has therefore, over the years, always sought to improve its impact on the planet.

What if we went further?

We are therefore aware that plastic is not the only solution for packaging. But do we just need the packaging?

The idea is not new and many stores are organized around the bulk principle. So, faced with brands that get involved and take initiatives like Daddy, we can think that bulk will become widespread. It would allow an even more massive reduction in plastic and all kinds of packaging whose manufacture pollutes.

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