There were audiovisual and advertising production houses, there were Youtubers. There is now the link of 3, and this link is, the 1st production network of Youtubers in France.

Founded by Frank Isabel and David Batusanski, 2 totally geeky thirties from audiovisual and advertising production who were inspired by the American Multi Channel Networks, with the ambition of having the same success as a Channel Flip in England or a Big Frame to USA.

Who ? How? 'Or' What ? How many ?
The starting point of succeed in uniting the forces of the most creative Youtubers, often isolated in their area, to gain in production power, increase their visibility and their creative strike force.

The result: after a year of successive mergers, has reached the power level necessary to officially launch: its network has more than 45 million views and above all more than 430 subscribers, with highly creative productions and an audience. of very high quality.

Finally, is a unique gathering of the great hopes of the young generation, a veritable incubator of talents and potential.

For who ?
For advertising agencies, media agencies, advertisers and advertising agencies.
The promise of trajectory is simple because it is measurable, as much in the quantity as in the quality of the audience. It can be summed up in 2 words from the web: More views. More likes. Or how to solve the equation: always increase in volume, but with always more commitment and always more affinity?

A promise that can only be kept by knowing how to speak to the very young generation, that of 12/25 years old, that of real Youtubers ... those who consume an average of 170 videos per month, that is to say 87% more than other Internet users … The same ones that demand interactivity and commitment… the same ones that are revolutionizing the audiovisual system… and for a long time.

Why ?
Thanks to its mastery of the languages ​​and uses of Generation Y and Generation C (the next one), knows how to take all forms of web production: webseries, stand ups, parodies, podcasts, fan-films, fakes teasers, hidden camera… a production flexibility that the 2 founders inherited from their 20 years of cumulative experience in the French audiovisual system, an experience coupled with a real passion for cinema, techno, television and the web. is currently in the process of producing 2 projects, including one abroad with the launch of a Franco-American Youtube channel, French Fried TV.

As an inauguration, presents its collaboration with YouTuber Faireset for the launch of the new Aubade flm - which launches an AubadeMEN collection - entitled Miroir, mon beau Miroir. A film that plays on the antagonism between the everyday man and the AubadeMEN man, taking a perfect place in the world of Faireset and paying homage to Marx Brothers, the princes of the gag.

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