Notice to people who have chosen to follow their good resolutions in 2019! To start the year off right, what better way than to recharge your batteries and get off to a good start. Contrex launches Contrex Green, the first drink combining an infusion of Mate and Contrex mineral water while adding a little fruity touch.

A unique drink that follows the trends in the market

Contrex® Green is a refreshing drink with an invigorating and fruity taste composed of Contrex natural mineral water, organic Maté infusion, a touch of organic cane sugar and natural flavors. And what you need to know is that there is no sweetener, no preservative, no coloring. A simple recipe for 100% guaranteed pleasure.

With Green, Contrex is an AB labeled offer. This new range uses "yerba mate", a medicinal plant from South America used by local populations for its health benefits, for example, to combat symptoms of fatigue and the feeling of weakness.

Do not panic ! There is something for everyone: Original, Lemon - Lime and Raspberry.

The 3 references are available in the waters department from March 2019 in 75cl format, at a price of € 1,12.

Contrex has bet, packaging level, on clean bottles, simple but which make you want as well as on mate, trendy level and health benefits, to make the ideal drink.


  1. I finally managed to find the 3 flavors in store last night. After the hassle it was to get there, I am still happy and immediately seduced by the packaging: fresh and attractive colors without being flashy, a size that allows you to take it everywhere with either to present it in the center of the table without making it too small.
    Then I read the ingredients and I am surprised… there is among other things Contrex water… and water. So I wonder why all the water in this drink is not Contrex.
    Tonight it's good barbecue with a dozen friends. I took cups and the bottles are very fresh, everything is in place to organize a small tasting, and I myself can not wait to finally discover this brand new taste.
    We tested each of the three flavors in turn and it was a big disappointment. The taste of the mate in itself was by far not won all the votes, out of 8 participating in the tasting only 2 found the taste "interesting" and the others did not like it at all. The lemon and raspberry flavored versions have a very nice smell but the taste does not live up to the olfactory promise. In short, nobody was really convinced and I doubt to see again bottles of Contrex infusion of mate on the table of our next meals with friends. #ContrexGreen

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