The big soda brand is campaigning in theaters against loud people, who annoy everyone, especially those who finish their soda until the last drop.

"The movie is better without you"

The operation took place in a cinema in Denmark. Spectators were filmed without their knowledge in the waiting hall, and integrated into the Coca Cola commercial. With a very large portion of them already sipping their drink, the message was even clearer.

Arrived in the room, the spectators settled down and were able to see some advertisement, where a man and a woman hug each other. Suddenly, a head appears, sipping a Coke. The spectator recognizes himself, as well as all the following which make their appearance.

Hilarious for those in attendance, the ad succeeded in its mission: to reach out to the audience and give them a strong message: “Please stay silent during the film, it's not the same with you in it”.

Integrating customers into campaigns is an increasingly common practice and contributes to an audience's vision of a brand. Particularly with the development of social networks, the main advertising patterns are changed, impacting the behavior of brands.


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