Thanks to barcodes placed on the labels, you can now scan the eco-responsibility level of your clothes. What to guide you in your acts of purchase towards a responsible acquisition. The application Clear Fashion allows you to know, before buying, the environmental and human impact of each garment or accessory. This will surely change the way big fashion companies act in the management of their value and supply chain.

The giants of fast fashion look grim!

Clear fashion already analyzes the commitments of more than a hundred brands in relation to four categories: environment, animals, human and health!

Recently, they implemented their application with a barcode-based rating system in an effort to lift the veil on product manufacturing and be more transparent. To date, only 15 brands have signed up to this approach. Self-explanatory isn't it?

The fashion Yuka!

Previously we had Yuka to know the quality and the composition of a food or cosmetics. Yuka then revolutionized consumer behavior and forced many food companies to show off. We wish the same design to Clear Fashion which attacks sacred mastodons. Applying more responsible fashion is the first to dig into the subject in this way. Previously, there has never been anything similar, in France, to know the composition of the raw materials that make up our clothes.

To no longer be “victim fashions”!

The appellation "Fashion victims Is interesting in that it is revealing. In addition to giving in to consumption, we are victims of a lack of clarity on the part of brands. These can sometimes use hazardous materials for our health through polluting and energy-intensive manufacturing. The app also looks at the start of the supply chain. In particular on: who manufactured the products and especially under what conditions! This echoes recent controversies over exploitation of Muslim minorities in Asia who had scandalized the whole world and revealed the flaws of certain clothing brands that are, for us, fashion basics. It made some people realize that what they were wearing was done at the cost of the suffering of another individual. Of numerous boycotts of its brands were created and still endure. The application supports these movements and this desire to change things.

Information still filtered!

With the current paradigm shift, the transition we are in as well as the collective awareness, brands are aligning with this trend. The latter have realized that their social and environmental impact constitutes a real lever for strategic activation. Unfortunately, some take action only to claim they have done so and not out of conviction. Some, potentially convinced by a desire to do better, are starting to put certain solutions in place. This takes the form of the publication of content on the manufacturing process or the creation of labels. However, the information remains light and incomplete.

The Clear Fashion solution!

Several concepts similar to Clear Fashion exist internationally as well as in Australia with Ethical Shop where brands bow to the game of transparency. Obviously, even among our friends in the Pacific, not all brands, especially those of fast fashion, do not get started!

Since its launch in application with the barcode process, only 15 brands have responded positively to the call, including Sessun, Chantal Thomas, Darjeeling or even Flashy.

These brands have decided to take another step forward in their eco-responsible commitment and have thus provided information on their products. In all, we already find on Clear Fashion more than 30 garments evaluated and accessible to all. The application is based on an evaluation algorithm validated by an independent expert committee, more than 000 criteria are taken into account.

A great innovation which, we hope, will take its place in our new clothing habits.

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