Chilina Hills, expert in persuasion and influence, has been helping her clients for more than 30 years to boost their skills to convince, inspire, motivate and adopt strategies for success. In this work, divided into seven chapters, Chilina Hills deconstructed all the questions that take our minds:

  • I find it hard to cope with things not going as planned, and this can undermine me and / or affect my efficiency.
  • I find it hard to recognize my mistakes or shortcomings and / or I fear losing my credibility.
  • I don't dare confront someone about their behavior for fear of making the situation worse, but also because I don't know how to go about it.


If you recognize yourself in this non-exhaustive list of statements, we recommend this book.

In a very didactic way, Chilina Hills teaches us to recognize and defuse the mental bombs that poison our mind. She introduces each statement with an anecdote, in order to target the emotional state in which we may be. Secondly, she explains to us, in a prosaic way, the process of headlock.

His very down to earth explanations raise the reader's awareness, which allows him to bring us advice that we are able to welcome.

To no longer endure the everyday situations that tarnish your development, bring Chilina Hills' book into your library.

Take back control of your emotions thanks to “ Stop! I stop worrying about it! ”From Chilina Hills, in-store and online at GERESO editions.

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