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Canal + is making a comeback under advertising spots, always accompanied by the creatives of BETC. The purpose of this new campaign: the launch of Canal + Séries.

The beginning of a long endless series

The series now compete with film productions - The Wire and Soprano as pioneers. Many creations continue or disappear from an ultra competitive market.

We often talk about the time-consuming nature of television series. Difficult to last a week, especially since the French broadcasts sometimes delayed by several years are no longer sufficient for unconditional fans who, thanks to sharing websites and their contributors, have access to the episodes the day after their broadcast in the United States.

This is why Canal + Séries will make it possible to view a large catalog of foreign series, mainly American, as soon as it is broadcast abroad.

A necessary anticipation with the arrival of the giant Netflix which broadcasts all the episodes at once - House Of Cards case law - and the consequence on the economic models of the Network and American channels already declared obsolete.

The Print and TV system of the new Canal + campaign gives pride of place to the mechanisms that make the success of new television productions. The film symbolizes the spectator's characteristic expectation and the suspense set up by the best series writers.

But why are they chasing this endless man, what is it that drives these dwarf clowns? BETC creatives illustrate perfectly "This rise in power, this" cliffhanger "which exists between two episodes and which makes you want to know the rest of the story. "

A new campaign that continues in the footsteps of previous productions, "The bear" in mind.

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