The Coronavirus allias COVID-19 crisis that officially occurred in March 2020 has wreaked more economic and human devastation than health. Indeed, since his arrival, many companies and sectors have been completely stopped or even blocked. This is the case for events, which represents more than 10 billion direct events on which almost 40 employees depend. Without forgetting the entire economy surrounding this same sector as suppliers who are affected by this shortfall and valuation. In all, this ecosystem constitutes almost 000 billion of losses for the French economy as well as many jobs. This important and successful sector would have left almost 32% of its turnover because of this unprecedented crisis. The first confinement put a halt to all current projects and the second comes to stop any hope of recovery. 

In this video, Muriel BLAYAC, vice-president of the association L'ÉVÉNEMENT and general manager of the agency Curtain rise, offers us his point of view. This recommends changing models to adapt to the crisis and those to come at least until April or even June 2021. It highlights that the entire old mode of operation and work has been impacted at all times. levels. This chain of values ​​and companies dependent on each other has been broken. It is now time to pick up the broken skin, little by little and stick together. 

Digital, the escape route? 

One of the most developed solutions with this concern for social distances is the implementation of digital tools such as the “live” system on social networks or networking. But is this sufficient? 

Not really since you first have to create real events that will impact and then have a lasting digital life. 

To this, Muriel BLAYAC remains positive and relates all the interest of digital which is not yet fully exploited and known to date. We will have to reinvent ourselves, find new communication solutions to give meaning and maintain lasting real relationships between agencies and advertisers. 

We must save “the event soldier” 

"More than a soldier, it is a raison d'être which allows to develop exchanges and business" explains Patrice BEGAY, the executive and communications director of the BPI France. 

To speak frankly and in all transparency, it shares the total abolition of 15 billion euros due to the fact that this sector is at a standstill or ⅓ of the usual annual activity. 

However, Patrice also expresses a positive feeling which is to stay in innovation and in solidarity for all to get by. 

You can find this entire video from the La Réclame website right here: 

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