The start of the school year is approaching and the first purchases are needed… Each year Carrefour releases a saga around the family loyalty bonus. This year, they take the opportunity to talk about the new range of charcuterie preserved without nitrite or their commitment to nutriscore. Because yes, saving money and eating well is everyone's dream!

A food transition marked by new consumer needs.

If the trends are constantly changing, so are the ways of consuming! In France, consumers are turning to healthy products, with a good nutriscore. The goal? Ensure the good balance of their body and their health.

The health crisis has also reinforced this need to eat well to fight against the epidemic. But not only… After long hours spent on the sofa, eating healthy can sometimes avoid certain inconveniences such as weight gain, loss of energy or even a drop in morale.

So many elements, which in the long term prove their worth ... It is therefore understandable why this new wave of consumption is attracting more and more people.

Nathalie Jacquier, Strategic Marketing and Brand Director of Carrefour, specifies: “Improving our customers' meals without really impacting their budget is our priority. We have so far more than 1200 nutri-score A or B products among our Carrefour products and this is just the beginning. We are mobilizing to make the food transition more accessible to everyone every day. " 

3 immersive films to promote the products.

Carrefour is releasing 3 comic films against the backdrop of “Twisted Nerve” music:

-Prime Family.

-The 6 sausages preserved without nitrite.

-Krokodils nutri-score B candies.

These films immerse us in the daily life of several families to make us want to. A beautiful representation where the product is always central. If this technique is similar to storytelling, it is always a pleasure to identify with products that do us good!


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