Do you know the DOOH display?

DOOH is an English acronym which means Digital Out-Of-Home, used to denote the outdoor advertising digital or digital. The DOOH brings together, among others, urban digital signage techniques and digital signage in different sectors.

An innovative service dedicated to students.

Campus Screens was developed in France thanks to the Teewii agency in September 2019, it is a network of connected screens located on university campuses. The implementation of these digital panels allows the dissemination of DOOH marketing targeted to students. These advertisements or announcements are often associated with current events or communications from student associations. The goal? A new medium that speaks to students, installed directly in their workplace: The campus.

A help service for students.

This is an additional advantage for the students… because each partner association receives part of the turnover generated by its screen and the fallout from the professional campaigns broadcast on it. Not bad is not it ?

If the network is particularly widespread in Germany, the project continues to develop and now has 40 equipped campuses in France, Germany, Poland and Belgium. A great step forward to get in touch with the student population!

A connection between students and professionals that works.

In short, Campus Screens is the integration of students in the construction of campaigns ... A meaningful initiative that allows students to become actors and beneficiaries.

Digital innovation at the service of 100% connected students. Could we really find a better duo?

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