Sprite, the brand of soda belonging to the group Coca-Cola innovates again with its new commercial. In this film made in the streets of Prague, figures hidden in a gray landscape seem alienated by the gloom of everyday life.

A young man suddenly pulls out a sprite bottle, takes a sip and understands that it has just regain his freedom. He ends up meeting his soul mate at the bend of a street.

She, like him, got rid of the mold in which she was locked.

The concept sprite: camouflage and rebellion

In the middle of the deserted city, 22 models were concealed in the urban setting thanks to a total of 1200 hours of make-up and 500 liters of paint. The idea is to show how these people enslaved by society and recluse in themselves can finally rebel thanks to Sprite.

The camouflage is fascinating by the trompe l'oeil effect. It is always interesting for a brand to support its Marketing strategy on a real artistic approach. The effect of curiosity and novelty makes it easier to convey a bias.

By this advertising spot Sprite succeeds without difficulty in showing that she is not a drink like any other, that it serves you get out of your daily life !

We welcome this urban advertising campaign which is aimed at young people wanting stand out from society. Without giving up that of consumption ...

Here is the video that we are pleased to share with you on our blog


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