Cadbury, the n ° 1 of the confectionery in France understood that it was no longer enough to be present on the network Facebook and that you had to know how to respond to the requests of your fans.

Cadbury imagined a giant thumb (representing the Facebook "like") in chocolate to thank his fans who clicked more than a million times on "like".

During the realization, it took 3 tons of chocolate, 24 people, 98 cups of tea and 67 “high fives” to assemble this sculpture. This required 48 hours of work. Even the fans were able to participate in the realization of the sculpture with the help of pastry chefs. The result is prodigious and will seduce all gourmets.

Thanks to this operation, 2775 people joined the community of brand aficionados and generated numerous tweets and more than 150 “+1” posts.

For information, Cadbury donated the raw material used to a company specializing in research into renewable fuels.

The Cadbury brand is also taking advantage of social networks to tell us about its new product " Dairy Milk Bubbly " sure Google+.



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