We take a look back at TBWABrussel's latest operation for Belgian beer Maes. She got it into her head to offer a cask to all the Maes in Belgium on condition that they share it. A real success.

Beer for your friends

Using a personal invitation, the happy namesakes of the Maes brand - the third most common name in Belgium - were invited to enter their codes on a dedicated Facebook application, in order to receive the precious sesame, and this after having chosen 20 friends to participate in the event, a sine qua non condition.

As a result, 500 visits to the official page, a number of fans that tripled on Facebook in 000 weeks, and those encouraged by Maes to change their name on the social network to benefit from the operation.

A success for this interactive campaign which boosts the community around Maes. But remember, if you drink with your friends, do so in moderation.

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