Anti-traffic jam bus, an advertising campaign that raised millions

Presented as an innovation more than revolutionary, this bus was in fact a vast smoke screen. Behind a more than interesting concept hides in reality a large advertising operation intended to raise funds. This device worked, more than 200 investors believed in the project and invested around $ 26 million in this anti-traffic jam bus.

The concept of the anti-traffic jam bus 

This new type of transport comes to us from China and offers the thing that everyone dreams of, being able to avoid traffic jams. By proposing a new type of vehicle capable of passing over cars, Bai Zhimming's innovation was propelled around the world thanks to a well-crafted campaign.

The concept is based on this 22 meter long, 8 meter wide and 5 meter high bus. The initiator of the project indicates that the anti-traffic jam bus will also be able to carry up to 300 passengers while traveling at 65km / h by making its way over two traffic lanes.

The idea went around the world thanks to video demonstrations and especially the prototype set up in early August. Many investors were seduced to see the realization of this project and nearly $ 26 million was raised. However, once the funds have been collected, the reality is less attractive. How will the bus be able to pass under the bridges? And what about roundabouts or crossroads? What if a vehicle that is too high tries to pass under the “anti-traffic jam” bus?

The answer is then more than disappointing, this innovation turns out to be in reality only a gigantic smoke screen. The Chinese businessman behind the project only wanted to raise funds through this impressive advertising campaign.

Anti-traffic jam bus, an advertising campaign that raised millions
Screenshot of the Ouest France website

How can an advertising campaign bring in so much? 

$ 26 million raised for in the end, nothing more than good publicity. How is it possible ? Investors are furious and demand reimbursement, but the money has already been paid. How did such a publicity stunt work?

Businessman Bai Zhimming has set up an operation with certainly solid foundations. To convince investors, we had to find a concept that spoke to them. It was therefore a good idea to set up an anti-traffic jam bus, given that it is an important issue for active people. Then, to give credit to an idea, it must be relayed, so it must have significant media coverage. With such an innovation, it was the media around the world which seized on the news, thus granting significant credit to the operation. Then, the highlight of the advertising operation is certainly the prototype launched recently.

Once these devices were in place, it only remained for investors to fall for the trap and start paying money to be able to put their name on this new concept. Except that the purpose is quite different. Besides its unusual side, this story perfectly shows us how a successful advertising operation can have important consequences, beneficial for Bei Zhimming and a little more painful for investors.

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