The week of November 22 was marked by the appearance of an atypical project present on Kickstarter, the famous Crownfunding site.

Your deceased character, your blood drawn!

We have all already played video games, where shots were lurking more or less closely. We therefore all agree that the sensation emitted by the controller when it vibrates is not a good omen! This is why the Brand et Grotesque agency has designed a most original project, combining passion for video games with the achievement of a good deed. The project indeed offers players to connect to a machine that will collect their blood with each of their defeats. A quirky way of saying "When you lose blood in your video game, you also lose it in reality".

This innovative, atypical and unique project aims to raise awareness among young people about blood donation. The blood collected during this project will be redistributed in hospitals for transfusions.

You too, if you wish to support this project, go quickly to Kickstarter, the expected sum is $ 250.

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