Carte Noire, a famous coffee brand, is launching its new ready-to-drink coffees. Designed to make customers' lives easier, the new Carte Noire coffees punctuate your mornings to start the day on the right note.

Speaking of music, The Brand Nation agency, of which Carte Noire is the client, had a brilliant idea… The association of the Carte Noire brand with the duo of electronic music composers French Fuse. The creation of a new song and the production of a clip on Carte Noire's social networks will make consumers tremble for a dynamic awakening.

The agency is also offering a challenge on TikTok #WakeUpChallenge to encourage consumers to share their best dance videos to the music of French Fuse! A filter in the colors of the activation is obviously available. This is a real opportunity for Carte d'Or, which conveys a new dynamic and young image among consumers. Because yes, even during this health crisis, we should not be discouraged… An initiative that sets the tone!

Carte Noire wishes to get involved by making a donation to the association Le Faire, which works for the young French music scene. A sharing = A donation ! We see in this position, a real desire to perpetuate the musical culture which has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. To maximize the visibility of this challenge, an influence system has been set up with two top influencers and around ten micro-influencers. The more visible the challenge, the more music will reign! To your shares!

In short, Carte d'Or is investing in the intense promotion of its new range of coffees to be enjoyed on the go. A pleasure break enhanced through many innovative communication tools: Campaign, Challenge (…).

Come and discover the three new flavors: Cappuccino, Mochaccino and Cappuccino with almond milk, and in two family and nomadic formats. To drink hot or cold, but always organic, made in France and from a pure Arabica coffee. A small cafe ?


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