2! This is the number of days it will have taken Adblock to counter the offensive launched by Facebook to make obsolete the most famous of the ad filters. The fight has only just begun

The cat and mouse game

adblock vs fb 2

This Tuesday, August 9, Facebook has somewhat modified its codes, leaving the ads now invisible for Adblock plus, making obsolete the extension on the famous social network. After announcing that "Facebook had taken the path to the dark side" the open source community of Adblock Plus set to work to find a solution. The response was almost immediate and Ben Williams rejoiced: “Two days ago we told you that Facebook has taken 'the path to the dark side' and decided to start forcing ad blocker users to see the ads on its site. We promised you that the open source community would find a solution very quickly and, frankly, it went above and beyond our expectations. " Draw ? Not sure since the solution offered by Adblock Plus has limits. In fact, and Eyeo does not deny it, improving the extension deprives Facebook users of certain content shared by friends and followed pages. A problem that all the small developers who have joined the ad blocker cause are being resolved.

But for how long? Facebook derives its revenue from advertising and therefore needs it to survive and continue. No need to tell you that it will therefore always do everything it can to impose advertising. She also took a short time to react " Ad blockers are a badly cut instrument, which is why we focus instead on designing tools like ad preferences to put control in the hands of users ”. It was therefore unthinkable for them to lose the battle. It is also well engaged especially when we know that the best known social networks still brews so much money and has enough to finance this "war of attrition".

May the best win !

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