On the occasion of the World Cup football, the newspaper L'Equipe, via the agency DDB Paris, carried out a national petition to make July 15 a holiday if the Blues are in the finals. Warmly welcomed by the Minister of Sports, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, the creative and commercial teams, symbolically returned the petition to him yesterday.

Behind the scenes: Interview with Mathieu Roux, Sales Director at DDB Paris

  • When developing this campaign, where did the idea to petition come from? Was this an extension of the team's strategy, which seeks to bring together all sports enthusiasts?

“There are two things that drove us to create the campaign. We were looking for a way to support the French football team. To show that their country is behind them. The newspaper L'Équipe has an institutional role in the French landscape, it embodies sport. He had to show he's behind the blues. He looked for several ways to put this forward.

From our side, we also wanted to show our support to the whole team which is now in Brazil. We wanted to create something fun, which could unite in an original way around our passion for sport.

It is very much in line with the brand strategy of the newspaper L'Équipe to bring sport to the streets, to make it more accessible. What was interesting in our research was how to use media such as the bus shelter, newspapers or the internet. "

  • Did the choice and installation of media - essentially bus shelters - seem obvious to you or an innovation?

“It was a complete innovation. When we imagined the petition, it was clear that we had to differentiate ourselves. People very quickly get bored of this type of operation. They must therefore be mobilized quickly with a unique and fun concept.

We worked in partnership with JC Decaux who developed a unique concept for the operation. Their events service was very responsive and played the game very well. They offered us solid supports to position on the windows of the bus shelters so that people could sign easily. It worked very well because the posters could be replaced very regularly: positioned in the morning at 7am and replaced as soon as they were full. "

  • You returned the petitions to the Minister of Sports, what was the reception? Was the idea welcome?

“Madame Vallaud-Belkacem was great. When we contacted his office earlier this week to explain the operation, they told us they knew about it. They were therefore already monitoring the operation.

But the simple fact of having been received by the Minister of Sports shows that the campaign has achieved its objectives: to make our support heard for the entire French team. Madam Minister really played the game, she understood, was amused by our concept and shared our enthusiasm. She even had this sentence: "I hope that we will have to ask the question of the public holiday!" “I think there is no need to say more to show all the support collected for the Blues. "

  • What are the results of this operation? Are you generally satisfied with it?

“We are really happy with the impact of the operation. We have received over 10 signatures in all, including over 000, just on the bus shelter signs. And we continue to get very interesting feedback. People keep sending us their signatures, their encouragement. In almost all cases, people understand the joke and welcome the initiative.

Despite what we have seen in recent years, there is a real revival around the French team. For weeks we have noticed that the support is more and more present. It really shows the enthusiasm we can have for the event. "

  • Are you really hoping for a holiday, or just to boost your customer's awareness?

“The objective of the campaign was obviously not to obtain a public holiday, but really to do a fun operation that shows our support for the Blues. Our client does not need to raise his notoriety. He just wants to show his values ​​for the World Cup and support the French team in all of their matches. "


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