Coca-Cola extends His experience «  Share a Coca-Cola » with a tri-fold device, of which you are the hero.

Coca-Cola undresses its communication.

After the personalization of its bottles, the brand with the famous bubbles pushes its concept of sharing even further with a device that revolves around three key points and a dedicated site:

1 - Become the new TV face of Coca-Cola

The brand offers participants the possibility of becoming an actor during an advertisement that will be broadcast during the summer. For this, you have until July 10 to post your films focused on sharing via the Vine or Youtube platforms.

2 - A personalized message for your friends

On the same platform, Coca-Cola offers you the possibility to create a personalized can that will be sent to your friend's home.

3 - Billboards become your territory

Twitter user, 140-character professional, your messages can be featured on the poster networks of the 50 largest cities in France, provided you are creative around the values ​​of sharing and friendship.

Coca-Cola therefore pushes its digital and social system to the maximum to communicate on its values ​​of sharing and conviviality. Now it's your turn!



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