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Who is she ?

Audrey Schintu, 36-year-old graphic designer from Marseille transcribes his good humor and positive energies through his art: painting.

And what a painting! It must be said that she is gifted and inspired by styles pop art, collage spirit that combines modernity and messages of life.

Audrey is right on time with this current atmosphere where we are invited to stay with us. She suggests that we be positive and bring color to our daily lives.

Behind the brushstrokes hides a spirit of freedom. Audrey redraws the emancipation of women or even that of animal beauty.


Audrey has been an artist at heart since her earliest childhood when she already drew. She took the time to get to know herself, live her experiences and find her style. And now the step of launching into the deep end has arrived: make yourself known!

A human artist with inspirations for everyone ...

Audrey is a sensitive and honest person who has taken the time to come to terms with herself, gain self-confidence and get to know herself. This sensitivity and authenticity can be felt at first glance in each of his works, available both on canvas and on posters. In this way, all desires and budgets are there.


Discover more information about this artist and do not hesitate to order one of her works to beautify your interior but also to support her in her launch project. here.

What will the collection be used for crowdfunding carried out by Audrey?

Make yourself known, continue your passion and offer you his art at the service of your daily life.







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