In direct line with the Super Bowl advertisements, Audi produced a spot to promote the new A3 2015. Car produced without compromise, because according to the German brand, the compromises are catastrophic.

A phenomenon out of control

On the occasion of the 48th edition of the biggest sporting event in North America, Audi shows us that originality is its strong point. In recent years, the brand has focused its advertising on a very specific target: young working people looking for their first high-end vehicle.

This advertisement signed by the Californian agency Venables Bell & Partners shows us a world of compromise. Or more exactly, what a compromise could generate as interplanetary catastrophes. We therefore see a couple hesitating between a Doberman and a Chihuahua. The seller of the pet store chooses the commercial facility and offers a compromise between the two.

The couple therefore imagine themselves with a dog with the head of a Doberman and the body of a Chihuahua: the Doberhuahua. This funny animal quickly gets out of control. Audi's message is clear, we must not compromise and choose safe values.

This campaign respects the codes of Super Bowl advertising. It features celebs, like singer Sarah MacLachlan, local Brigitte Bardot, a completely far-fetched story and a fun rendering. It remains to know the results this weekend, for a spot over $ 8 million, simply for broadcasting.

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