The original idea of ​​the Sky Atlantic channel to promote the release of its new series called "Fortitude".

A series… a bear!

To understand the choice of the channel, you should know that the series " Fortitude Takes place in the Arctic Circle where a team of investigators must solve a murder.

It is therefore natural that on January 27, two days before the broadcast of the first episode, Sky Atlantic launched the ride of a polar bear in the streets of London.

skyatlantic2 polar bearskyatlantic3 polar bear

Obviously, no living bear was forced to such a feat, it was in fact an ultra-realistic puppet.

It is the Millennium FX company and two puppeteers that we must thank for the creation of the giant puppet.

To make the Sky Atlantic polar bear, nineteen experts were mobilized for two months, and it requires the simultaneous action of 6 people to be able to function.

The video below explains how it works:

An original and creative idea which must have given rise to some fears!

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