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School failure, dropping out, inability to find one's way: behind these words hide realities that affect many people. Even if they feel like it, a lack of a diploma, a bad follow-up or an atypical course can lead to the discouragement of these people constantly failed by recruiters. To support them, Sylvain Marchand and Christel Sicard have just launched the ARM initiative (Support in networks and professional circles). Sylvain Marchand tells us more about his determination to change mentalities.

ARM: history and objectives

ARM is a non-profit initiative whose primary objective is to educate recruiters to diversity and the wealth of candidates waiting for a job. "For several years now I have wanted to get involved in a societal issue and it is important to change the vision that companies have in relation to atypical profiles". Indeed, not everyone has a linear path with a job logically resulting from their studies.

Like the logo association, a toothed wheel, professional life does not advance in a smooth and linear fashion. Sylvain Marchand explains that any experience, even very far from his initial sector of activity, is important. He also regrets that many people keep silent about these experiences "outside the logical curriculum" because recruiters do not value them. "These difficulties in the course should not be seen as breaks but as milestones that had to be crossed to give new impetus to the wheel".

However, if already many associations support these people in difficulty, few try to solve the problem at the source. This is why, despite a support part, ARM focuses on business awareness On the question.

Recruitment in France: soft skills but not too many ...

even though soft skills are fashionable among recruiters, most of them continue to select linear profiles but with original skills. For example, a candidate with the required skills stands out from others because he draws in his spare time, so he is considered creative. ARM wants to prove that soft skills are everywhere and that even someone without a degree or experience in a field has something to offer. It is a model that is already perfectly integrated in several other countries.

Thus, ARM highlights elasticity shown by people with atypical backgrounds. Training for a new profession is always possible, at any age. The aim is to prove that a person undergoing professional retraining has skills from previous experience which can be beneficial to companies despite the extent of the conversion.

This also concerns the women, still too often sidelined after maternity leave for example.

This is how the acronym of the association should read “weapon”, because the founders know that we are not all born with the same weapons. The equality of chances is variable geometry. Indeed, between the young student who will be able to benefit from the network of his relatives to obtain an internship or work-study program, and the one who will not have the chance to benefit from this network, the career game is skewed. from the start. We can then consider that the one who encountered the most difficulty will have developed new faculties, and intellectual elasticity.

Federate a strong and invested community

With an establishment in Limoges and a website in preparation, ARM intends to deploy to unite people around the project. Whether they are recruiters or companies, many experts will be called upon to intervene via web conferences in order to support the association. Thus, this first year should focus on awareness raising in order to create engagement and to have a team ready to act from 2021.

For this, the association can count on the expertise of these two founders. Indeed, Sylvain Marchand is the CEO of the communication agency just a based in Limoges. She takes care of the print as well as the digital presence of companies as well as the organization of events. These skills therefore allow the founder of ARM to create a clear identity for the association but also to make it visible.

Similarly, Christel Sicard work at the Innovative School of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (EINA) which offers educational alternatives for primary school children. She therefore brings to the project her expertise on youth learning. For her, training should take more account of the desires and needs of children, precisely in order to avoid dropping out of school.

It is therefore around a competent and committed team that theassociation ARM.

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