Because the aperitif is an institution for the French, Apéricube® is launching a new brand identity on July 5, 2021 with the signature: "Perhaps the best time of the day". Leader in the “aperitif cheese” category, made in France and originating in the Jura, Apéricube® is an iconic brand that is very identifiable thanks to its cubic shape and its unique and playful opening. Its famous cubes are the ideal partners for moments of conviviality. New identity, new products, new intergenerational game… Apéricube® is constantly innovating in order to always best meet the expectations and tastes of all consumers.


Always faithful to its strong values: positivity, surprise and spontaneity, the brand with smiling little cubes is entering a new dynamic in order to seduce young adults, already initiated with the new Éclats de Graines range (released in September 2020). More and more, the aperitif is experienced as a moment of positivity in a sometimes stressful daily life. This is THE time chosen to relax and let go in the company of loved ones. Through this new campaign, Apéricube® invites people to make each aperitif a moment of reunion with their loved ones. For this, all the pretexts are good, from the most innocuous to the most exceptional, without forgetting those tinged with a touch of bad faith. There is always a good reason to have a drink, with Apéricube®!

To illustrate this point, the brand accompanies the French throughout the summer and sets up a powerful system, where each content reveals a good reason for having a drink. The campaign will run from July 5, 2021 to August 16, 2021 for the first wave. Its tone, imprint of connivance allows to create complicity and proximity with the French public, the objective is that everyone can recognize themselves or their loved ones, among the many reasons mentioned for having a drink with Apéricube ®.


The aperitif is the moment when the French get together. It's obvious: all the reasons are good for having a drink, and no need for a specific occasion to get together. The inclusive, strong and recurring catchphrase of the campaign, "because ...", shows the quirky side of the campaign: "because it is 19 p.m.", "because it is Tuesday", "because it is the Euro final ”,“ because you are a petanque pro ”…

This powerful campaign fits perfectly into the brand's DNA and is aimed at all generations. The goal is for everyone to recognize themselves, get closer and create conversation, with an emotional dimension amplified by the quirky humor of Apéricube®. Playful, offbeat, inclusive and sincere are the key words to describe this campaign.


Apéricube® is modernized thanks to a new visual identity and a new pack design. If the logo keeps its colors, the look of the packaging has been completely redesigned. The colored cubes, which constitute the iconic, central and differentiating element in the brand's DNA, are adorned with heads of emojis! Personified cubes encourage interaction even more and invite good humor. They are smiling, mischievous and transmit positivity, as well as the desire to have a good time: values ​​that are dear to Apéricube®.

This communication campaign is available and expressed even in the points of sale with a “cubic” event dramatization. Apéricube® sets up stores with colorful arches and towers, modern in the colors of the new campaign and new packs.


New, Apéricube® is developing its own gaming platform: L'ApériQui?

It's a guessing game for all generations. On the program, 3 words to make guess a real or fictional character (900 famous, historical, mythological, media, fictional or cartoon characters). Among the personalities to discover are Barack Obama, Amélie Poulain, Charles Ingalls or Cristina Cordula to name a few. L'ApériQui follows this current trend of participatory party games that animate and make the aperitif even more fun.

With more than 40 flavors, Apéricube® guarantees a successful aperitif!

In addition to classics such as ham, blue cheese and goat cheese, new references have recently entered the Apéricube® family. From September 2020, “Éclat de grains, cheeses or vegetables” has established itself as the result of a disruptive innovation and a technique specific to Apéricube®: seeds and pieces of nuts which enrich the organoleptic experience with a melting and crunchy texture at the same time. Then in April 2021, the launch of “Mediterranean aperitifs” with summer flavors brought sunshine to our aperitifs.


Because the only time that really matters is the aperitif! On the occasion of this new campaign, Apéricube® is launching Apérowatch, the first (waterproof) watch which indicates only one time: that of the aperitif! As useless as it is essential, the Apérowatch is programmed to turn on and emit a sound at 19:00 p.m.: no more reason to miss the aperitif time with Apéricube®.

It will be available to order from July 19 to August 2 on the Apéricube website  + contests on the brand's social networks (draw on August 3).

It's up to you !



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