Each year, thousands of animals are abandoned for various reasons: moving, separation, budget and even for vacations because they can represent a constraint in the organization of a trip. It is almost summer and this year, new measures are being put in place to stop this phenomenon.

HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT creates a 1 minute 15 cartoon to support the SPA in its fight against animal abandonment. This short film, directed by Vincent Gibaud and produced by Jungler, takes up in a positive way the dramatic story of animal abandonment during the summer period. Beyond the blame of people who abandon their animals, the film promotes adoption to raise awareness among the French even more and make them want to share unique moments with their mascots. Because yes, adoption changes the lives of animals but also that of adopters ...

The cartoon "Very Cat Trip" features Grisou a cat and his family. This staging allows us to understand Grisou's apprehension about his masters going on vacation and the apprehension of reliving the trauma of his previous abandonment. Thanks to the voices of Tarek Boudali (Grisou), Kyan Khojandi (the father), Alison Wheeler (the mother) and Ahmed Sylla (Tommy) and music signed by Jean Tonique, the film shows support for the SPA to save the abandoned animals is also the way to encourage the French to make donations.

“It was a real desire for us to keep what is now the hallmark of SPA, namely positive communication that values ​​adoption and those who adopt. By creating a cartoon of this ambition, we want to educate all French people through entertaining and engaged content that shows that adoption can change the lives of animals but also adopters. Unfortunately, not all animals will have the chance of Grisou this summer and this film must also serve as a trigger for the French to understand that holidays are not written without their animal. »Explains Fabrice Plazolles, Creative Director at Havas Sports & Entertainment.

The digital film will be shown on television, but also on giant screens in the cinema.

Hey! This year, the holidays are not written without your pets!

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