This event had been a great success in Hungary. The project was set up by the Klépierre Ségécé group last fall.

This time, the experience is renewed in the Millénaire shopping center located in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis from January 12 to 22 with the same group.

Users will be able to attend this surprising augmented reality event. This is an opportunity for this shopping center to arouse the curiosity of its customers with an interactive experience! It is the British agency Appshaker who orchestrated this event with museum content provided by National Geographic.

Animals are represented in 3D hologram form using a large screen including leopards, dinosaurs, dolphins and other amazing visitors. But before they can see and interact with these virtual creatures, visitors will need to locateand at a specific place to appear on the big screen, Place Digitale. With the 3D holograms and the giant screen, the effects are surprising and make these animals seem real. Young and old alike will be able to share different moments relating to the fantastic universe.

Gradually, companies are using augmented reality with different supports and techniques. For example, Orange used augmented reality for its advertising campaign to make passers-by dance with fictional characters last December or the last ad of Volkswagen during the launch of the beetle anime. With this new interactive mode of communication, this would attract more consumers and couldt help them in their purchasing decision.



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