The Canton of Graubünden is located in the Alps, in the south-eastern part of Switzerland. It is a fabulous place to visit if you like the mountains, nature ... To make this place known and to make the very urban inhabitants of Zurich want to visit it, the Grisons tourist office and the agency Jung Von Matt have installed a surprising interactive panel in the station ...

An old man offers passers-by to join him in the mountains!


In order to engage passers-by at Zurich station, the Grisons tourist office has installed an interactive panel with a webcam. This webcam was directly connected with a resident of the Canton of Graubünden. Man was thus able to communicate in real time with city dwellers! First he called out to them, which surprised them, who were not used to talking to a panel. Then, after exchanging a few words with them, the man offered to join him to spend a wonderful day in the mountains of the Canton of Graubünden with him. As proof, he even printed them a free train ticket to Graubünden! Some could not resist the touching offer from the Swiss and took a day's vacation to join him.

A great idea from the Canton of Graubünden tourist office, which was able to challenge an urban target that is usually not very receptive. The Swiss are not ready to forget the few words exchanged with the old man, maybe one day they will join him to relax near the mountains of the Canton of Graubünden.


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