More than 5000 people, each year in the world, die crossing the road… This is due, most of the time, to a lack of attention on the part of pedestrians: they phone, listen to music etc. In the United States, in order to protect the latter, students of the School of Visual Arts have devised a very ingenious application on Spotify (music streaming app)…

"Safety": the application that takes you through safely!


Safety is an application that connects to Spotify and lowers the music heard by pedestrians when they arrive at a dangerous intersection! This device works thanks to Beacon technology: these are sensors that interact with your smartphone when you are close to them. These sensors have been installed near many dangerous intersections, so when a pedestrian is listening to music on Spotify and is about to cross, the sensors alert Safety which automatically lowers the music of the passer-by.

A relevant and ingenious application idea that we can only welcome because it could save the lives of many people. However, it is good to remember that for optimal safety it is preferable not to listen to music at all when you want to cross!


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