Faced with several competing agencies, it is sometimes difficult to stand out from the crowd, to win a budget… Yet the Italian agency La Balene had an idea that got her noticed ...

A determined agency!


To show their willingness to work with a client specializing in the sale of mobile phone accessories, the CEO, artistic director and copywriter of the Milan agency La Balene decided to meet him… But on foot! It should be noted that the customer's headquarters are located in Reggio Emilia, more than 200 km from Milan! This adventure was not only made to meet the manager, the Créas team also took advantage of this pilgrimage to test the client's products: headphones, selfie stick ... They were able to present themselves in front of him with a very precise idea about products. It was possible to follow this fabulous adventure on the Mobileworkers blog, or on Twitter via the hashtags: #slowbalene et #mobileworkers

An original idea which allowed the La Balene agency to prove its will and determination. The Italian agency, thanks to this great adventure, was noticed by the client, but also by the media.


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