I found a new site dedicated tostore lighting and individuals: www.ampoule-pro.com. It's simple, accessible for non-connoisseurs and the prices are super competitive.

With my ampoule in hand I never knew where to look, the sites I visited were often rough and I never received the correct bulb (there was always an issue in wattage, base or color). But now my troubles are over.

On the site bulb-pro.com,  I have several tools at my disposal to find the right one lighting lamp. I can first use the search engine by manufacturer by clicking on the little tab on the left of the page. There I choose. All the big brands are there: GE LIGHTING, OSRAM, PHILIPS, RADIUM, MEGAMAN et GIRARD SUDRON. But there are also brands that make more specific products like NARVA, PAULMANN, LEUCI, DURA LAMP, BLV ou BEGHELLI. And finally, there are the products BULB-PRO which benefit from incredible value for money. If I go to a manufacturer's page, I find all the bulbs available with all technical characteristics.

I can also use the search engine "keywords" which allows me, by entering what is marked on my ampoule, to find the corresponding product. It's awesome and so simple. I was looking for two bulbs. The first is a metal iodide that goes in the window of my shop. I typed " CDM-T »(It is marked on the base of my bulb) and a few moments later, I had the list of all the products of the family with beautiful photos. Then, I only had to check the power in the table on the left. I only had a few lamps left. I could further refine by checking "942" and there, my bulb was waiting for me.

For my other bulb, I went to the home page, I clicked on " light bulb », And there, I had access to all the categories. I went to the photo of a fluorescent bulb, I clicked and I had access to the menu which includes all types of bulbs compact fluorescent. I clicked on the photo that corresponds to my ampoule, choose the power thanks to the search engine on the left, decidedly very practical, the color and voila: a choice between two brands. I was able to see the differences using the comparator and I made my choice. The site www.ampoule-pro.com is childishly simple.

And let's talk about price two minutes. I compared and there are big to see very big differences. No gaudy “discount” or “super promo”. Sure www.ampoule-pro.com, there are net prices, with decreasing prices. I bought my CDM-T G12 metal halide lamps with a lower price of -40% à -60% compared to other sites!

If you are looking for bulbs to light up your business, or just to light up your home, don't wait any longer and take a look at www.ampoule-pro.com.

There are all the following categories of bulbs:

  • Lamps halogen low tension dichroic et capsules
  • 230 volt halogen lamps  pencils, standards, spherical, flames, reflectors to replace our old incandescent bulbs
  • The energy saving lamps Spiral, classic, standard, spherical, flame, reflector compact fluorescent to install in place of our old bulbs.
  • Lamps compact fluorescent pin
  • The fluorescent tubes (there is a large choice, all powers, colors, tubes for specific butchery lighting, fruit & vegetables, cheese, etc.)
  • The lightbulbs LED which replace all conventional bulbs.
  • Lamps Metal halide for lighting of shops.


For thelighting of my business, I have chosen : www.ampoule-pro.com

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