Sixième Son and Roland-Garros are revolutionizing the use of sound in the world of sport. The music design agency has indeed imagined an original creation adaptable to all moments of the tournament and to all the communication media set up around it.

This sound identity notably adorns the daily newspaper of the tournament, since its debut on May 25, as well as the broadcasting of the various matches on international television, thus creating an unprecedented seal of recognition in sporting events.

To create it, Sixième Son was inspired by the world of Parisian chic by infusing it with spring notes, the season during which the tournament takes place. Dynamic and fresh at the same time, she also embodies the values ​​of tennis: surpassing oneself, competition and sharing. The agency also drew on the Latin character of Roland-Garros which is played on clay by working on the material and the bandoneon, an Argentinian instrument of the accordion family, which is used as a common thread throughout the melody.

The four sound universes which result from it (epic, poetic, electro and pop) illustrate the key moments of the tournament such as the entry of the players, the official trophy presentation ceremonies or the dissemination of the results.

It is the first time that such a powerful musical tool has been created for a sports brand.

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