For the launch of its new Business cabins in Asia, Air France is showing originality and is launching a competition.

The Upgrade Challenge


It is with the collaboration of the agency Fred & Farid Shangai that the marketing operation was launched.

Since the beginning of the week Air France offered a mobile game called "Cloud Slicer" to passengers waiting for their flight in the departure lounge.

The game, specially created for the event, is an aerial version of the famous Fruit Ninja, where clouds have replaced the fruits.

“The Upgrade Challenge” was first organized at Changi, Singapore, Kansai and Osaka international airports. Air France surprised the 400 passengers in the boarding lounge by offering them to play Cloud Slicer. The travelers therefore had the opportunity to compete against each other, trying to achieve the best possible score.

The goal ? Get an upgrade and be able to take advantage of the brand new Air France business cabins.

Indeed, the best players were immediately upgraded, as shown in the video below.

During the week, the upgrade challenge was extended. All passengers Air France traveling from China, Japan or even Indonesia can now compete in the game.

However, no need to fly to play it since Cloud Slicer, is available on download platforms.

With this funny marketing operation, the airline offers an original means of promotion, which is sure to satisfy the winners.

A great way to promote the new business cabins, while improving its image among passengers who would not necessarily have been able to afford the tickets.

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