History is what founds the world today. If we know these “Treasures of wisdom” through books, today Olen proposes to create THE meeting. An intoxicating encounter, an intense culture shock between Olen and the key characters of the story.

According to legend, as Naguib explains, Olen was the first to introduce poetry to civilization. Today, Olen woke up and offers the first immersive podcasts.

The objective of this project is to connect history to current events by staging theatrical characters. Olen invites people to think, he develops everyone's individual interpretation on topics that everyone is familiar with. Through his podcasts, he makes us relive significant elements of history, meet important characters to understand things in another way ...

Content that enhances collective intelligence, content made for everyone!

Remember that it is important to take some time for yourself, the podcast allows you to distance yourself from the screens for the time of a story to leave room for the imagination. You know as much as we do, it is important to cut from time to time to perform better.

And because there is room for everyone in podcasts, welcome to Les Capsules d'Olen. An innovative project, which you can support on Tipeee by financially helping Olen to pay the actors.

Now make yourself comfortable and come listen his history...


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