Results of notoriety, image and traffic beyond expectations 6 months after its advertising launch… Balsamik is back on the screens with 4 new films by La Famille.

Launched last January, Balsamik, the morpho-fashion brand that offers clothes that adapt to the physique of women (and not the other way around), already seems to be establishing itself as one of the major players in fashion e-commerce.

A success of image and traffic, orchestrated by the agency La Famille, confirmed by eloquent figures:


  • Déjà 51% assisted awareness with women over 40 *.
  • Advertising souvenir Top of mind: 2rd behind H&M!*
  • An incentive campaign to discover the site and to buy: for 80/79% of buyers *
  • A promise (la mode-morpho) well received : “fashion”, “morpho” and “female friend / accomplice” image for 68%, 76% and 75% of women who know her respectively. *
  • A strong "drive to web" effect: after each TV visit, an average jump from 3000 to 5000 visits within 5 consecutive minutes. **
  • An offer that is unanimous since all types are found there, more than 20% of women of size 36-40 and only 35% of plus size (over 50), and also all ages, with a third of less than 40 years. **
  • And traffic at the rendezvous: for exemple, 2 200 000 visits on the site during the July sales period only ***


The bet has therefore been won for Balsamik and the agency La Famille, with launch films that manage to combine image and traffic, notoriety and sales, fashion and body shape with a smile and conviction.

The stakes were high since it was a question of reconciling two objectives often considered irreconcilable: "drive to web" and "image construction".



* Source: Toluna Study Institute - Online survey of 500 women from 11/14/08

** Internal source

*** Source: Omniture


New season, new collection, new campaign


In this fall 2014, the brand is speaking again on television and continues its advertising saga. A look at women today, their daily lives, their reality, their desire to seduce, as we have been able to identify them via the Balsamik observatory in partnership with Ipsos.


By mixing comedy and product demo, one of the ingredients of the success of the campaign that breaks established codes, the new Balsamik films show the relationship that women maintain between the evolution of their body and the evolution of fashion.


We therefore find our 3 heroine-girlfriends, Laura, Louise and Léa in 4 scenes

who explain to us with humor and offset how to stay pretty and comfortable.





  1. Push-up
  2. Boots
  3. The coat
  4. Ipad




Advertiser: Balsamik

Advertiser managers: Jean-Joël Huber, Eric Sarazin, Valérie Van Tichelen, Claire Emblanc, Frédérique Jouette

Agency managers: Joseph Lefebvre, Valérie Verrechia, Raphaël Dumont

Creative direction: Marion Vielfaure and Eric Hélias

Director: David Moreau

Production: 2425

Music: Talisco - "Your Wish"



About The Family:

Independent agency created in 2010 by Joseph Lefebvre and Marion Vielfaure, La Famille is a multidisciplinary agency whose main fields of intervention are advertising, digital, design and publishing. La Famille offers a new kind of agency model based on a strong collaborative principle: bringing together the best talents, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the communication issues identified. The agency counts among its clients Nicolas Feuillatte, Rossignol, the ARS and Weight Watchers in particular.

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