Art advertising public space Bordeaux start-up Oboem © Thomas Lamadieu

Companies and associations are fighting against the increasing advertising pollution in our public spaces. And to counter them, advertisers are placing art at the heart of their campaigns.

Art conquering cities

Companies and associations are now taking action against the growing advertising pollution in our public spaces. In 2016, the posters of a Montpellier tram station were replaced by works of art. An operation signed by the Cercle Rouge, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to art. Attempt to repeat the offense with a petition launched at the end of 2016 to ventilate the corridors of the Paris metro, suffocated under more than 50 advertising posters.

The Bordeaux start-up Ôboem also intends to make the public space available to citizens and artists. Taxing the ubiquitous advertising in our daily newspapers with visual pollution, the two creators Marie Toni and Oliver Moss launched their project in June 2017. A very young and unique company, designed as a crowdfunding platform. Anyone can become a patron of a work of art. The donation is then used to rent a billboard to display the work popular with Internet users. A way to beautify cities and "democratize culture".

Works of art: inexhaustible sources of inspiration

While advertising fed-up rumbles, communication agencies prefer to take inspiration from works of art rather than seeing them replace their campaigns. So they use them to promote brand products, while walking a thread. The reappropriation of art for commercial purposes is indeed strictly regulated. And this, even when the work is free of rights. Advertisers must therefore obtain the authorization of the owner of the economic and moral rights.

Here is a short selection of inspirations and other artistic diversions used in advertising.

Ray-Ban x Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol x Ray-Ban - Marilyn Pop Art
© Andy Warhol x Ray-Ban - Marilyn Pop Art

Dior and Yves Saint Laurent x Manet

Art Manet x Dior - Lunch on the grass Manet x Yves Saint Laurent
© Manet x Dior and Manet x Yves Saint Laurent - Lunch on the grass

Lego x Michelangelo

Art Michelangelo x Lego - The Creation of Adam
© Michel-Ange x Lego - The Creation of Adam

Marithé + François Girbaud and Volkswagen x Leonardo da Vinci

Art Leonardo da Vinci x Marithé + François Girbaud and Leonardo da Vinci x Volkswagen - The Last Supper
© Leonardo da Vinci x Marithé + François Girbaud and da Vinci x Volkswagen - The Last Supper

Malibu x Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Art Giuseppe Arcimboldo x Malibu - Vertumnus
© Giuseppe Arcimboldo x Malibu - Vertumne

The Milkmaid (Nestlé) x Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer x Art The Milkmaid Nestlé - The Milkmaid
© Johannes Vermeer x La Laitière Nestlé - La Laitière

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