The Dating Site this week is launching a new national campaign that aims to be bestial ...

After opening of a boutique in Paris and Brussels where women can admire men in the window, Parisians were also able to discover posters in the metro showing all types of guys to adopt on the site.

As of today for its new TV campaign, seven spots will be broadcast presenting a man and his animal counterpart.

For its new ad, Adopte Un Mec was based on the savage ...

The TV campaign of social network of the meeting is still based on the same idea, but a little more bestial. On the menu: a tattooed man raising chicks, a bearded man cuddling a teddy bear, a step-kid cuddling a fox, a panther or even a lion cub

So many animals that bring out the different personalities of the different "models" of men on offer. This new campaign is likely to melt the girls.

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