For the release of its 2015 collection of football boots, Adidas hit hard by calling on several big names in football.

Adidas plays provocation

Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Luis Suarez lent in and shot the spot #ThereWillBeHaters.

The four athletes, sometimes criticized on social networks, attract jealousy and envy, whether through their relationship to money, or their success.

It is on these criticisms that the brand decided to play by proposing a spot that exacerbates the arrogance of the players.

“There will be haters”, there will always be someone to denigrate them, or to envy their successes, their possessions or even, according to Adidas, their shoes.

The brand plays with the clichés that exist around the players, and mixes them with internet codes (hashtags, Gifs, etc.).

Through this video Adidas responds to the criticisms made to the players, considering them as compliments. The advertisement also highlights the fact that criticism does not hurt athletes, but on the contrary makes them stronger.

A daring campaign, which will surely be talked about.


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