New York, April 17 - Adidas unveils its very first pair of fully recyclable sneakers: the Futurecraft Loop. With this project, Adidas reaffirms its commitment to the environment. The three-stripe brand has also pledged to use only 100% recycled polyester in its products by 2024.

A long-term commitment

Sneakers are ubiquitous on the feet of men and women, whether they are sporty or not. The fashion is in sneakers. But fashion is one of the most polluting industries and the trend is fast fashion. Everything is done to encourage consumers to renew their wardrobe very frequently: the clothes offered for sale are replaced very quickly and are intended to be worn only for a short period. This is a real ecological issue that some brands are starting to worry about: faced with this alarming finding, Adidas has decided to react! Offering ecological sneakers is a challenge that the brand has been trying to meet for several years. Indeed, we can not deny the efforts of Adidas in this area. In 2015, Adidas collaborated with Parley for the Ocean to create shoes with an upper made entirely from recycled marine plastic waste. The brand is expected to have manufactured 11 million pairs by the end of 2019.

« The first step is to eliminate plastic waste, but we can't stop there Says the head of the brand's global strategy, which says a lot about Adidas' ambitions. " Our next step is to completely eliminate the concept of waste ».

Today, Adidas goes even further. The brand's ambition is to revolutionize the manufacture, sale and consumption of sneakers. For this, Adidas has redesigned its Futurecraft model launched in 2016. The Futurecraft Loop is the first pair created to be recreated. It is a concrete response to the problem of plastic waste. The goal: to recycle this pair of sneakers to infinity and to infinity.

An innovative process

Typically, athletic shoes are made from a complex mix of materials glued together that can only be under-recycled into lesser quality items. After years of research, Adidas discovered an alternative to this production model. “Loop” as a loop: this circular creation process is revolutionary. Adidas has imagined a closed circuit where raw materials can be recycled repeatedly. The solution ? The discovery of a unique material that can be worked on to make the entire shoe, from the soles to the laces. And no glue needed, the material used can just be welded.

When the shoes are at the end of their life, instead of throwing them away, simply return them to Adidas. They will be washed and reduced to granules which will be remelted to create the basic material of a new pair of shoes. No loss and no waste. The Futurecraft Loop would be sold with a return slip. A subscription system could also be considered. Adidas ensures that this process will not alter the standards of sports performance to which it claims.

Adidas Futurecraft Loop Willow Smith

Adidas Futurecraft Loop

A (too?) Ambitious project

« We dream of being able to make you wear the same shoes over and over again. Says the head of the brand's global strategy.

But is the dream of Adidas the dream of the consumers? We can doubt it. How do you sell a product that has already had several lifetimes? How do you make a pair of shoes made from someone else's shoe attractive? In addition, sneakers are now real collector's items. Sneakers lovers like to keep them. How do you get recyclable shoes accepted when sneakers are loved, kept and even collected by some? These are the brakes that Adidas will have to face.

But Adidas can count on its ambassador to make the project glamorous. Indeed, the ambassador of this committed marketing project is none other than Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith, very committed to ecology.

So far, only 200 people have been able to test the pair with the program launched April 17 in New York. During this test launch, 200 pairs are tried out by influencers around the world. To see the Futurecraft in the streets, it will be necessary to be patient since the release is not scheduled until 2021. In the meantime, we can only welcome the approach and efforts of Adidas, hoping that others follow the example .

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